Preparation and being proactive leads to better medical outcomes and wellness

What is a Focushop?
Goals of the Focushop
Focushop Topics

What is a Focushop?

A Focushop is a workshop or seminar that teaches participants how to organize a variety of medical information. Almost everyone at one time or another will need to negotiate the health care system and the outcome will be greatly enhanced if you are:
1) prepared ahead of time, and
2) able to understand what is happening.

According to the American Medical Association, millions of people do not fully understand the information they are given by various medical practitioners. Such information includes preparing for medical tests, taking medications and undergoing treatment. Not fully understanding "doctor's orders" could be hazardous to your health.

Goals of the Focushop

After completing a Focushop, participants will:
Learn to be proactive rather than reactive.
Learn to become more informed and active participants in their own health care.
Learn how to acquire, understand and utilize pertinent medical information and knowledge.
Learn how to organize, document and catalog the acquired knowledge so that it is clear, concise, always accessible and easily transportable.
Learn how to create a collaborative doctor/patient effort.
Learn how to lessen the potential for medication or treatment errors.
Learn how to eliminate or shorten hospital stays.
Learn to be more successful at navigating through the health care system.
Learn to negotiate the health care system in a more cost-effective manner because they:

- Use medications more efficiently.
- Understand fully what the doctor tells them “the first time” thus reducing
  the need for more appointments.
- Lessen catastrophic treatment errors because of knowledge and
  understanding of safety information.
- Deal with medical problems before they become serious and more
  difficult/costly to treat.
- Have greater skill in managing a chronic illness, thus significantly reducing
  stress and freeing them up to focus on getting well.

Focushop Topics

I. Diagnosed with a Life-Altering Illness? Organize the Chaos!
(Don’t duck when the sh*! hits the fan.)

II. How To Find the Best Medical Care When You Need It The Most
("Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died." - Erma Bombeck)

III. Get The Most Out of Your Doctor's Visit
("Sorry for the long wait," the doctor said to his last patient. "That's okay," the patient said, "but it might have been nice to treat my illness in its early stages.")

IV. Taking it on the road - Traveling with Health Issues
("If you look like your passport photo - you're too ill to travel." - Will Komen)

V. Long Distance Care Giving
(“Get the 411 before the 911.”)

VI. Becoming a Partner in Your Parent’s and Children’s Care Giving
(“Taking a bite out of the Sandwich Generation.”)

VII. Aging in Place – Stay Safe and Sound in Your Own Home
(Prevent hearing those dreaded words: "I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.")

VIII. Prepare for Surgery
("A minor operation is one performed on someone else.")

IX. Managing Your Medications
("Take one every four hours or as often as you can get the cap off.")

X. Understand "what you've got" and how to treat it - Empower Yourself with Knowledge
("Be careful about reading health books - you may die of a misprint."  - Mark Twain)
XI. Prevent Medical Errors: Don't Let the System Get You Sicker
(“Which leg did you operate on?”)

XII. Creating Your Own Health Care Organizer
("Don’t leave home without it.")

XIII. Stay Healthy Throughout the Years
("If I had known I was going to live so long I would have taken better care of myself.")

XIV. Get Your Affairs in Order
(“You can’t take it with you.”)

XV. Promoting Health Literacy - A Workshop for Medical Professionals
(“Help for the helpers.”)

***You may also customize a Focushop to fit your group. Lynda will create a program that is specific to your needs and uniquely suited to your target audience.

Some of Our Clients
American Cancer Society
Arthritis Foundation of Northeastern New York
Capital District Center for Independence, Inc.
Capital District Physicians Health Plan
Capital Region Action Against Breast Cancer (CRAAB)
Center for Excellence in Aging Services – Albany University - State University of NY
Congregation Beth Emeth
Guilderland Public Library Association
Hudson Valley Community College – Center for Creative Retirement
Mohawk Valley Library Association
National Multiple Sclerosis Society of Upstate New York
New York State Nurses Association
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals
Upstate New York Chapter of the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America