Med Info To Go

A complete medical chart that fits in your wallet!

You're heading home from the mall loaded with packages or have just left a dinner party. You have a college student far away from home or your child is spending the summer at sleep away camp.  You could be traveling home from a business trip or a "snow bird" flying south for the winter.  

If you are involved in an accident or an acute medical situation arises, what pertinent medical information do you or your family members routinely possess?  How will someone know if you have any allergies or existing medical conditions that might impact the course of your treatment?  What if you are unable to answer questions on your own?  How will they know whom to contact on your behalf? 

Med Info to Go is the answer to all of these questions and much more.
The initial minutes after an injury or medical crisis are the most important.  Being able to quickly provide first responders and other medical professionals with critical information about yourself greatly improves your chances of an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment. It also greatly reduces occurrences of medical errors and accordingly saves lives.
Med Info To Go is a simple fill-in-the blank multi-panel document with writtenPhoto of Med Info To Go Card prompts detailing various categories of vital information (i.e. emergency contacts, medical history, and medication list).  It folds down to a compact wallet-sized insert that makes it practical to carry with you at all times. Keep it in a wallet slot with the Emergency Medical Info logo showing.
Med Info To Go doubles as a personal portable medical chart
When you visit a doctor, pertinent and vital information will be at your fingertips such as your medical history, active medical conditions, other doctors who treat you, surgical history and much more.  Why struggle to recall current medications when they are all listed in front of you? 

Simply accumulate your information, write it down on Med Info To Go and it will be there when you need it the most (Compile it and file it!). Since the effectiveness of Photo of Med Info To Go Cardthis document depends on its accuracy and completeness, be responsible and make sure to keep it updated at all times.


Med Info To Go requires no batteries, password, PDA or computer in order to access its contents.  There is no information that you are sharing on the world-wide-web and it remains confidential and in your possession until a situation requires its review.  Buy one today for your camper, college student, parent, business traveler, or sports enthusiast. In short it makes the perfect safety and travel accessory for everyone.
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