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"Waiting to see the doctor, the nurse sticks my chart in the rack outside of the door, closes it, and leaves me sitting in the room - naked wrapped in paper. I open the door and take my chart. It is my chart, so who better to read it than me? There I am perusing my medical life story when I come to a note that begins: "This otherwise healthy 37-year-old woman comes to me today for a second opinion after being diagnosed with aggressive invasive intra-ductal carcinoma of the left breast."

"Otherwise Healthy. I loved that. It was just my breast that was in trouble -- the rest of me was fine, and that thought was what I was going to count on to keep me sane." Excerpted from Otherwise Healthy®

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"I am so impressed with your beautiful organizer. I myself, as facilitator of a breast cancer survivors support group have looked for such an organizer and wanted to write and say thank you from the bottom of my heart for a dream realized - Otherwise Healthy."
Kristen Harrington, MA Marriage and Family Therapist

"I only have one thing to complain about; I didn't have the book sooner. Just wish that your book was the first book that anyone with cancer could get their hands on. It's something they will need from the first day of diagnosis until they are officially in remission or later."
B.W., Patient

"Last night I spent some "quality time" with your book, intending to just familiarize myself with the basic content. I found it so compelling and well written that I read every word. Kudos on creating an excellent and valuable resource."
Helen Osborne, President-Health Literacy Consulting
Author of Health Literacy from A to Z.

"An accurate and honest common sense guide to a devastating diagnosis. Particularly pertinent since common sense is often the first thing to go in a crisis situation."
Jeffrey Shogan, MD, Associate Director of Clinical Oncology,
University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute